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- In-Game Rules:

1. Absolutely NO Botting, Hacking, 3rd Party Programs, Hardware Macros, etc.

2. This includes, but is not limited to any device (electronic or otherwise) which performs actions in-game for a player-controlled character.

3. Do not use bugs and glitches to your advantage and personal gain, all bugs must be reported. If you're found abusing a bug, you will be punished.

4. Do not impersonate Game Masters or other players.

5. Do not spam chats or skills in towns or during events. (Example: Storm Gust or Ice Wall)

6. Do not vend or leave AFK chats in the middle of cities or near the Job Change & Refining Buildings.

7. Vend usable and miscellaneous items on the sidewalks of Prontera.

8. Vend cards and equipment in the mall, instead of prontera.

- Game Master / Mediator Related:

1. Game Masters or Mediators will never ask you for your personal information, username/password, items, etc.

2. Game Masters or Mediators will never give away items, zeny, or assist players in any unfair way.

3. Do not ask to become a Game Master or Mediator.

4. Respect all Game Masters' and Mediator's authority.

5. Game Masters and Mediators will not accept bribery.